Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Leech Rum Muddage...

ahoy hoy

so the SAI fest turned out to be the first festival I've ever been to where i managed to get completely soaking wet. which is mad - seeing as i've been goin to festivals an awful lot for a long time now.
but it wasn't so bad! and the festival was PROPER. Really good buzazz. Lots of high-jinks and skanking. Highlights for moi were DJ/Rupture (obviously), Mike Paradinas, Altern-8 and T-Woc's wooly elephant reggae session. And the MO7s(think thats there name anyway) in the punk tent. Lowlights we re falling in some ditch - total soakage. I was like a Bounty wipe for that muddy water. And losing my mojo - which is my hat. But i soldiered on.

Big up to them Galway heads for laugh-a-minute action once more.

Think i wouldnt mind a festival in Spain or Croatia next though.


Anonymous said...

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sbackl said...

This was a great festival we took macs and a pile of garden cushions but they were not waterproof and ended up soggy, it did not spoil the fun.